Inventory Items

Faster charges. More revenue.

Speed up your transactions by letting Collect automatically calculate charge totals and auto-fill descriptions.

With Inventory Items, you can add a new line item to a charge just by tapping. And with the included item-count feature, you and your customer or donor will see at a glance exactly how many items he or she purchased.

But you aren’t locked into the auto-generated descriptions. Just tap the text to edit the description at any time to add pertinent invoice information or anything else you would like.

Edit prices any time on the Manage Inventory page, and even expand or collapse the Inventory Item menu on the home screen when you want to save space.

No clutter, and no complication. Just options.

For more on Inventory Items, including how to create them, see the Guide Page.

See it in action:

How to Use Inventory Items

  1. From the Collect home screen, toggle Inventory Mode.
  2. If you have created at least one item, it will display in this list.
  3. If the Inventory Items list is collapsed, simply tap the ‘Inventory Items’ text to expand your item list.
  4. Tap the plus (‘+’) to add items to your charge, or minus (‘–’) to remove them. Note the automated descriptions and number of each item for later record-keeping.
  5. When you are finished adding items, tap ‘Continue’ to move to capture payment information and complete the charge.

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Other Notable Features

Tipping / Gratuity
Tipping / Gratuity

Take tips any time, any place. Charge descriptions include the tip for later reference.

Theme Color
Theme Color

Change the entire look & feel to match your business. Make Collect your own.

Custom Tax Rate
Custom Tax Rate

Avoid human error with automatic calculation, plus metadata for reporting & review.