Card Readers Overview


Contactless Payments

Just grab your Chipper™ card reader and let customers tap their way to successful transactions while minimizing physical contact.


Liability Shift

When using your EMV card reader, liability for fraudulent transactions shifts to the issuing bank. This means you will not be liable for disputes on transactions with the reason “fraudulent.”


Currency Support

USD only, for now. All other Stripe currencies supported via Manual Input.


Geographic Restrictions

Available for use in the United States only, for now. We expect to broaden Chipper reader support geographically in late 2021 and into 2022.

BBPOS Chipper™ 2X BT

After working tirelessly to get bluetooth support, we introduced the Chipper™ 2X into the fold in 2019 to support EMV, swipe, and contactless charges.

This tiny giant does it all. From dipping the chip to Apple Pay to Google Pay, it is perfect for any size of business.


  • Connects via bluetooth
  • Dip, swipe or tap
  • iOS and Android
  • Supports Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Captures cardholder name when available
  • Captures signature for EMV charges, for later reference