Test Mode

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Give us a try, completely free.

We built our unique Test Mode to ensure there is absolutely no cost to trying out Collect for Stripe and ensuring it behaves just as you expect before you spend a dime.

As of April 2020, Stripe no longer refunds fees when you refund real, non-test charges. This is standard for the industry, but it has made our Test Mode more important than ever.

Testing in Collect for Stripe is as easy as can be. Enable Test Mode, begin a transaction and enter a test card number. (You can find a list of test numbers on Stripe’s website here.)

While in Test Mode there are no fees of any kind— from us, from Stripe, from anybody.

Toggle Test Data in the Stripe Dashboard

To view your test charges, toggle ‘Viewing test data’ on your Stripe Dashboard in the lefthand menu.

Or, find them right inside the Collect app! They’ll be on the Charges screen while the app is in Test Mode.

It doesn’t end there. While in Test Mode, you can create & edit test Stripe customers, attach test cards to customers, subscribe customers to your test subscription plans, and more!

When you’re ready to go live, simply turn off Test Mode in the app and make some real money.

See it in action:

Note: For now, only keyed-entry charges are supported while in Test Mode. Stripe is working hard for us to support card readers in Test Mode (as we will be the first app of our kind to have the feature). As soon as that work is complete, you will be able to use test cards with Chipper bluetooth readers in Test Mode.

How to enable Test Mode

  1. Open the main menu using the icon at the top of the home screen.
  2. Tap ‘Settings.’
  3. Locate the ‘Test Mode’ item and tap the toggle switch on the right to enable it.
  4. Click ‘Back’ in the top left corner to return to the transaction home screen.

You’ll know you have successfully enabled Test Mode by the orange “Test” icon that appears in the upper lefthand corner.

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What else sets us apart?


Require signatures for all charges, including those from existing customers.

Contactless Payments
Contactless Payments

Just pair your bluetooth Chipper reader with the app for the security, speed and safety of contactless.

Collect Web Forms
Collect Web Forms

Collect Web Forms handle credit card charges of all types, in virtually any currency.

Custom Receipts
Custom Receipts

Take control of your receipt content with a custom Title or Message, and more!

Currency Formatting
Currency Formatting

See charge amounts formatted in familiar, readable ways everywhere in the app.