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What if I have 10 people who need access to Collect? Or 100?

You can make them all administrators in Stripe (yikes), share your Stripe credentials with them (yikes again), or connect your Stripe account yourself on every one of their mobile devices (huge hassle, or impossible).

We made Collect Account Users to give you a better option.

Create Account Users using any valid email address to avoid all of the above, while streamlining the sign-in process and maintaining the highest level of Stripe security.

Collect Account Users have no access whatsoever to your Stripe Dashboard. (And now, you can even control their permissions within the mobile app!)

Instead, you are giving them access to Collect mobile app features— namely, creating charges and subscriptions. This allows your employees or volunteers to securely accept payments to the associated Stripe account without actually letting them view or manage the account.

Collect Web Dashboard (open in a new tab):

Collect Web Dashboard – Account Users


As soon as you create a user, he or she will receive an email to set a password. This keeps the administrator separate from user passwords for additional security and, frankly, gives you one less thing to worry about.

As an administrator, you still have the power to delete or restrict users at any time.

*As of app version 2.3.0, you can even set specific app permissions for any user.

Does it cost extra?

No. We wish we had a more interesting answer, but it’s just “no.”

There is no limit to the number of Account Users you can create, no limit to the number of Account Users signed in at one time, and no additional fee— nothing hidden, no setup costs, no limits.

Like all Collect mobile app features, this just comes with the use of the application, for everyone.

How to Get Started creating Account Users

  1. Create your own Collect Account in our web dashboard using any valid email address.
  2. Connect your Stripe account as prompted to establish yourself as a Stripe Administrator.
  3. You’ll be taken to the Account Users tab, where all you need is a user’s email address and name. We take it from there.
  4. Once created, the user will receive a private email from us in order to set a password.
  5. This email address and password are used to sign in to Collect using the Collect Account Sign-In button on the initial screen.

Note: You can also sign into the Collect mobile app as an administrator using your Collect User Account credentials from step 1.

Start Using Your Perfect Point of Sale

Combine simplicity & security using Stripe and Collect for Stripe. Bring all your transaction data to one single place.

What else sets us apart?

Test Mode
Test Mode

With Collect, you can create test transactions at absolutely no cost to ensure the app behaves exactly as intended.

Tipping / Gratuity
Tipping / Gratuity

Take tips any time, any place. Charge descriptions include the tip for later reference.

Custom Receipts
Custom Receipts

Take control of your receipt content with a custom Title or Message, and more!

Contactless Payments
Contactless Payments

Just pair your bluetooth Chipper reader with the app for the security, speed and safety of contactless.


Require signatures for all charges, including those from existing customers.

Collect Web Forms
Collect Web Forms

Collect Web Forms handle credit card charges of all types, in virtually any currency.

Currency Formatting
Currency Formatting

See charge amounts formatted in familiar, readable ways everywhere in the app.