Public Beta

Open, Anonymous, Free to Join
Now you can try the newest version of Collect for Stripe ahead of time, without providing any identifying information.

Major features in current iOS beta

🎉 Version 2.0!
In short: A massive update behind the scenes, with the same intuitive interface.
– Improved card reader messaging & communication. *our biggest update ever of this sort
– Performance enhancements and visual updates
– More clear and simple tipping interaction
– Smarter offline inventory item addition/removal
– The ability to collapse/expand your Inventory Items list
– Support for a bluetooth card reader! Sales are invitation-only right now; request an invitation using the 'Help' button below.

How to Join on iOS

Just download TestFlight from the App Store, then go this the iOS opt-in link on your test device. From there, basic prompts and installation instructions will be provided.
To revert any time, just download the latest App Store version of Collect for Stripe.

Major features in current Android beta

Android Beta is currently up-to-date with its live Play Store counterpart.

* Android has already been on 2.0 (including the above features) since 2018. The only feature not yet in Android's 2.0 version is support for bluetooth, which should come later this year.

How to Join on Android

Visit the Android opt-in link to join. This will make the latest beta version available as an update via the Play Store.