Public Beta Program

Open, Anonymous, Free to Join
Try the latest versions of Collect for Stripe ahead of time, without providing any identifying information.


Major Features in Current iOS Beta


Version 2.6.0 Release Notes

  • This version includes support for Apple Tap-to-Pay (iPhone XS or newer required)
  • Improves display for larger font sizes
  • Updates Stripe Terminal SDKs
  • Auto-reconnects bluetooth readers when possible
  • Improves international formatting for dates and amounts, especially in the charge list screen, for more regions.


How to Join Beta on iOS

Just download TestFlight from the App Store, then go this the iOS opt-in link on your test device. From there, basic prompts and installation instructions will be provided.

To revert any time, simply download the latest App Store version of Collect for Stripe. It will replace any installed (beta) version.

Handling The "Beta is Expired" Alert

If you see this message when attempting to open Collect, it just means the latest beta has completed testing and is live in the App Store.

Go to the Collect App Store listing and download the latest production version. This will safely replace the expired beta version with no loss of data.



Major Features in Current Android Beta

*As of Oct. 28, this release is out of beta and is fully available for download via the Play Store.

Version 2.5.2 Release Notes

  • Allows Interac Payments (and refunds) for Canadian accounts
  • Improves messaging during reader updates



How to Join Beta on Android

Simply visit the Android opt-in link to join. That’s it! This will make the latest beta version available as an update via the Play Store.