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No monthly minimum! Just download the app & connect your Stripe account with one tap.

Perfect for new or existing Stripe accounts, stores & nonprofits.

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(and anything else hooked up to a Stripe account)

100% Plug and Play

With Collect for Stripe, never worry about configuration, which reader goes with which device, or whether you can upgrade your tablet safely. Connect your Chipper™ or Eclipse card reader to any compatible device and start taking payments instantly.

It just works.

Dip, Swipe or Type

All charges available immediately in your Stripe Dashboard

Subscribe Customers with Ease

Create & charge new or existing Stripe Customers right from the app!
Even add contact information to refer to later, and apply subscriptions.

Create Customer 1
Customer Detail View
Create Customer 2

Start using your instant point of sale

Combine power & security using Stripe and card-present EMV. And with Collect for Stripe, all your transaction data is in one place.

Bring together the most trusted, reliable elements of mobile payment

One process, everywhere

You don't need another merchant account. Take advantage of Stripe's full-stack service, reporting and security online or off.

Customer trust

Customers are safer with EMV chip cards, and they know it. EMV charges are also much less likely to get declined.

(And please, other platforms – no photos of people's cards.)

Easy Integration
  1. Connect your Stripe account
  2. Dip a chip card, swipe or type
  3. See charges instantly in your Stripe Dashboard

Avoid Liability, Save Time & Money

Normally, you pay for disputed charges, and you give your own time to handling declines. When using EMV, far fewer customer cards will ever be declined. Not enough? EMV also removes your liability for fraudulent charges.

Avoid chargeback fees, save money and skip the headache of declines.

card reader

"But I just want to make a quick charge, now."

We've got you covered. You can always input card information directly, making Collect's power and convenience available to you within the next minute. Just download, connect and start. Later, plug in a card reader any time.