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Contactless Payments

Accept Credit Cards Directly to Your Stripe Account

Accept Credit Cards Directly to Your Stripe Account

Start accepting card-present payments right now, including EMV chip cards and Apple Pay, right to your Stripe account.

No monthly minimum! Just download the app & connect your Stripe account with one tap.

Perfect for new or existing Stripe businesses and nonprofits.

Nathalie M.


Easy and fast way to start taking payments! We got the Stripe readers to help make contactless service possible and can now give our customers the safest checkout experience.



It was time I stepped up and gave my clients an option other than cash. I’m not too tech savvy, but I managed to use this app (definitely speaks to the ease of use).



Very nice app, quick and convenient to use.

Monica P.


I really enjoy this app. I very seldom have any issues with it. Its very reliable, and just works! 😃



So easy to use! Thanks

(and anything else hooked up to a Stripe account)

Collect for Stripe in Action

Because it’s hard to believe how easy it is until you see it.

100% Plug and Play

With Collect for Stripe, never worry about configuration, which reader goes with which device, or whether you can upgrade your tablet safely. Connect your bluetooth or audio-jack card reader to any compatible device and start taking payments instantly.

It just works.

Start Using Your Perfect Point of Sale

Combine simplicity & security using Stripe and Collect for Stripe. Bring all your transaction data to one single place.

Dip, Swipe, Tap, or Type

All charges available immediately in your Stripe Dashboard.
Gratuity feature available in Settings.

Subscribe Customers With Ease

Instantly create Stripe Customers; even save cards using a reader!
Collect will automatically import your Stripe Plans for super easy subscription.

Avoid liability.
Save time and money.

Normally, you pay for disputed charges, and you give your own time to handling declines. When using EMV card readers with Collect, far fewer customer cards will ever be declined.

Not enough? EMV also removes your liability for fraudulent charges.

Learn more about EMV

“I just want to make a quick charge, right now.”

We’ve got you covered. You can always input cards manually, making Collect’s power and convenience available within the next minute. Just download, connect and start.

Connect a card reader any time with zero interruption.

Simple. Powerful. Trusted.

Advanced doesn’t need to mean complicated.

Easily Integrated

  1. Sign in with existing Stripe account
  2. Dip, swipe, tap or type
  3. See charges instantly in your Stripe Dashboard

A Data Unifier

You don’t need another merchant account.

Keep data in one place, and take advantage of Stripe’s full-service accounting, artificial intelligence-driven fraud protection and more — both online and in person.

Widely Trusted

As a Stripe Verified Partner, Collect comes fully vetted & recommended.

Experience as the first Partner app to accept physical EMV cards has helped Collect earn the trust of thousands of businesses around the globe.

Start Using Your Perfect Point of Sale

Combine simplicity & security using Stripe and Collect for Stripe. Bring all your transaction data to one single place.