Accept Credit Card Donations as a Nonprofit

Collect for Stripe turns every donation into a connection.

Build Trust

When people give in person, they aren’t just clicking a button. They’re volunteering their resources to the hands of other people— people like themselves, whom they know they can trust. 

Stay Connected

Automatically Save Email Addresses

Every time you send a receipt, Collect will automatically update your Stripe Charge’s metadata to include the provided address.

Donors are always a click away.

Keep the connection alive

Create a customer to save contact & payment information, or reach out later.

Collect only creates true Stripe Customers, so you can search for them, create charges, subscribe, or edit their information later.

Even update payment methods any time.

Continued giving with subscriptions

Collect leverages Stripe Subscriptions to create recurring payments for your new or pre-existing customers.

Your own Stripe Plans are imported automatically for quick selection from any customer or the home transaction screen.

Empower Greater Giving

Combine technology & philanthropy with Collect for Stripe.
View all your data in one place, and drive results.