Collect Web Forms

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Powerful, customizable payment forms for your website.

Whether you’ve been doing business online for years or you just launched your website, Collect Web Forms handle credit card charges of all types, in virtually any currency.

You can even use Web Forms to create subscriptions to your Stripe Plans.

We’ll take care of the currency formatting, total calculations, security, web browser quirks, and anything else that tries to slow you down.

Collect Web Forms: Step 2
Simply fill the proper information into the 3-step system to create a form for charging a fixed amount, a preset list of items, or even allow users to input custom amounts.
Collect Web Forms: Step 3
Collect Web instantly builds forms, generates and draws them based on the information provided. We test forms continually to be compatible on any browser, on any device, on any website.

To place or embed forms, you will copy the single line of code from your Forms list and paste into your website where you’d like the form to appear. You’re ready to collect online!

Users click or tap your Pay Button to complete checkout with auto-calculated amounts:
A Generated Web Form in Test Mode

No development work. No maintenance. No worries.

Learn more specifics on our Guide Page, then use the link below in Step 1 to get started!


Collect Web Forms are always just a flat 1% of the charge amount. There is no add-on fee, no setup cost and no other hidden fees whatsoever.

How to create your custom form

  1. Create a free Collect account.
  2. Select ‘Forms’ from the Main Menu.
  3. Follow the 3-Step guide to create your custom form.
  4. Test your form.
  5. Copy the single line of code and insert into your website.

Start Using Your Perfect Point of Sale

Combine simplicity & security using Stripe and Collect for Stripe. Bring all your transaction data to one single place.

What else sets us apart?

Test Mode
Test Mode

With Collect, you can create test transactions at absolutely no cost to ensure the app behaves exactly as intended.

Tipping / Gratuity
Tipping / Gratuity

Take tips any time, any place. Charge descriptions include the tip for later reference.

Custom Receipts
Custom Receipts

Take control of your receipt content with a custom Title or Message, and more!

Contactless Payments
Contactless Payments

Just pair your bluetooth Chipper reader with the app for the security, speed and safety of contactless.


Require signatures for all charges, including those from existing customers.

Currency Formatting
Currency Formatting

See charge amounts formatted in familiar, readable ways everywhere in the app.