How do I run payment reports in Stripe?

All transaction information is stored in your Stripe Dashboard (never by Collect), and is easily available for download by following these steps.

1). Login to your Stripe Dashboard:

2). Click on Payments on the lefthand side.

3). Select “Export.”

4). Next you’ll select the Date Range for the report you want to run. You can also select “Custom Fields” and select specific values that you want to find (for example, Amount, Description, Customer Email, ect).

5). Select “Export” and the report will then be generated and downloaded to your device.

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Still Stumped?

For all Common Stripe Questions, please keep in mind additional guidance can only be provided by Stripe directly, not from Collect for Stripe. We are always happy to help answer questions and save you some time, but we do not have control of your Stripe account information, banking information, passwords or any other data pertaining directly to Stripe.

To reach Stripe Support via any of their methods of communication, visit the Stripe Support Page.

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Why aren’t Stripe Payouts in my account the next day?

In Stripe, you can choose to have funds paid out automatically every day, week, or month. Or, you can set a custom payout schedule if you set payouts to Manual. These options are available in the Payouts section of your Settings in the Stripe Dashboard. (Stripe...

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