Make sure to check out our Collect for Stripe Guide before you continue. We also have some frequently asked questions listed below.

Common Questions

Before submitting your question, please check this FAQ to find the answer to any common issues you may have.

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What about iPhone 7 or higher?

If your device does not have an audio jack, as in the case of newer iPhones, your card reader will work perfectly if you plug it into the audio-to-lightning adapter that shipped with your phone.

Collect isn't detecting my reader

Make sure you are allowing microphone access to the Collect app. On your device, go to the main Settings, then find Collect. In your Collect settings, ensure Microphone Access is enabled.

If microphone access is allowed, please ensure your card reader is charged using the included micro USB cable. When the reader is plugged in, there is a small window on the side with a light indicating power. If this is not visible or is red, your reader needs charging.

I don't have a Stripe account

No problem! You can create an account easily during the Stripe Connect process. Or, just head over to Stripe now to create an account. (It's a quick process).

Will my Shopify account work with Collect for Stripe?

Yes! Any online store that accepts payments via Stripe's backend can become a physical location by simply connecting that Stripe account to Collect. Other examples: Squarespace, BigCommerce, BigCartel, WooCommerce & more.

My Stripe account will not connect

You must have administrator level access to a Stripe account in order to connect it, or you will get an error. This is Stripe's security policy.

Being sent back to the same screen after logging in to Stripe? Not to worry. If your account has never connected to Collect for Stripe, you will be sent back to what looks like the same screen, but notice the blue button now says "Connect my Stripe Account."

Tap this button to finish connecting to Collect for Stripe. When you see the page with 'DONE' text, you can press the 'Done' button in the bottom of the screen. You're ready to start using Collect for Stripe!

If you've done all this and still have problems, check all passwords and make sure you can login to Stripe directly. This will confirm your credentials and account status before connecting through the app. If that doesn't work, send us a message below.

I need to view, refund or alter a charge

After charges are complete, they should be managed in your Stripe Dashboard. This includes any disputes, refunds, etc.

I have a problem with my Stripe account

Contact Stripe directly for all issues related to your account, password, information and all else. Collect has no control over your Stripe account, but merely connects on your behalf to create charges (we also do not get your data).

How do fees work?

Collect charges a 1.3% fraction of any charge created within the app. This keeps the app affordable for the smallest of businesses by avoiding monthly fees or minimums. This fee is separate from Stripe's universal 2.9% + $0.30 USD — Every Stripe account pays this, and it is not tied to Collect whatsoever. We offer discounted rates for high-volume businesses and nonprofits.

Need more help?

If you have comments or suggestions, we want to hear them. Please submit bugs, suggestions, or feature requests using the form below.

We do not have any control over Stripe transactions, APIs or your Stripe data.